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Kitchen Remodeling in Mission Viejo

The most essential room for your family is the kitchen. From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, we make sure to give you the kitchen your family will enjoy for years to come starting with the kitchen cabinets and your custom made granite counter tops. Add your own personal style with accessories and hardware to make sure your kitchen is one of a kind. A type of renovation that can offer you some of the highest returns on your investment, kitchen remodels may add substantial value to your home. Kitchen remodeling jobs are complicated and necessitate the help of professionals. When you are planning to remodel your kitchen, the process will begin with artistic vision and knowledge about planning your space. You will need a master plan so that you can execute your project in a way that allows you to transform your kitchen into the type of room that you envision. Bella Remodeling, Inc. is the master kitchen remodeling planner that can help you with your kitchen design and remodeling needs in Mission Viejo, California.

Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling

Are you ready to remodel your kitchen cabinets? We can help bring your vision to life; our expert team will work with you from start to finish to reinvigorate your kitchen cabinets with the style and functionality you always dreamed of. We pay attention to the details throughout every step of the kitchen cabinet remodeling process. For instance, we realize that kitchen cabinets create the first impression of your kitchen. Therefore we will guide you through the multitude of options we have for cabinet colors, styles, finishes and materials to make sure that your new kitchen cabinets exceed all your style expectations. Next, we will assist you in choosing from a wide variety of functional features, to create the ideal storage and organization for each kitchen cabinet. At Bella Remodeling, Inc., we treat each kitchen remodeling project as if it is for our own home.

Kitchen Remodeling to Exceed Your Expectations

When you choose us for your kitchen remodeling project, we help you with the planning process. We can help you to select the different products that you will use, such as quartz, ceramic, granite, wood, stainless steel and marble. We can advise you about the pros and cons of all of the different materials and help you to understand how different things might fit into your space. We are able to work with your budget so that you can enjoy a beautiful new kitchen without breaking the bank. We offer a free in-home design consultation so that we can get a better understanding of your home’s unique features. We also will listen to you carefully so that we can understand how we might help you to express your personality in your kitchen design.

Why Choose Bella Remodeling for Your Kitchen Renovation?

Remodeling your kitchen has the potential to add substantial value to your home if it is done correctly. If you try to do your own kitchen remodeling project on your own, you may make mistakes that might be costly to fix. Similarly, you should be careful with the contractor that you choose to hire. If you choose someone who doesn’t perform good work, you may have to hire someone else to fix what was done wrong. At Bella Remodeling, we have been providing expert kitchen remodeling help to the residents of Mission Viejo for 18 years. Our professional designers and contractors are able to help you with your remodeling project from its start to its completion. We pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship. To schedule your free in-home design consultation, call us today. (949) 597-8453!


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Your Guide to High Quality Kitchen Countertop Materials

If you are wanting new kitchen countertops, the array of different choices can be confusing. It is important for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different kitchen countertop substance options so that you can make the choice that is right for you. Here are the different countertop options that are available and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Marble has been gracing luxurious homes and buildings for thousands of years. Because of the manner in which marble is formed, every slab is unique in how it is veined. In addition to the classic white marble, this natural stone also is available in many other colors, including red, burgundy, pink, green, blue, brown, gold and more. Marble may not be a good choice for your kitchen, however, because it can easily stain and be etched. Here are the pros and cons of marble for your kitchen countertops.


Quartz countertops are made by combining approximately 90 percent of ground quartz with 10 percent of natural resins and polymers to form a hard and almost impenetrable countertop slab. Here are the pros and cons of choosing quartz countertops for your kitchen.


Some people confuse quartzite with quartz countertops, but quartzite is a natural stone that is quarried in a similar way as granite. Quartzite is a hard stone and appears to be similar to marble. Here are the pros and cons of quartzite for your kitchen countertops.


A beautiful natural stone, soapstone offers a type of warmth that makes it stand out in homes with country or rustic themes. It also looks great when it is used in more modern design schemes. Here are the pros and cons of choosing soapstone countertops for your kitchen.

Butcher Block

Butcher block countertops add warmth to your home and are timeless choices. They are made by fusing strips of wood together to make a single wooden slab. Here are the pros and cons of choosing butcher block countertops for your kitchen.


Concrete countertops are growing in popularity and are a great choice for people who have busy kitchens. There are many etching and staining techniques that are used to make these slabs beautiful. Here are the pros and cons of choosing concrete countertops for your kitchen.


Like marble, every slab of granite is unique. Granite has been a highly sought-after substance to use in high-end kitchens for years. Here are the pros and cons of choosing granite for your kitchen countertops.


Limestone is a gorgeous natural stone that can be incorporated into minimalist design schemes as well as modern kitchens that are filled with vibrant colors. Like other countertop choices, limestone has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of choosing limestone for your kitchen countertops.


If installed well, ceramic tile countertops can offer lasting beauty to your kitchen. Ceramic tile countertops are also customizable with different styles and patterns. Here are the pros and cons of choosing tile for your kitchen countertops.


Laminate countertops have been popular choices since the 1950s. These countertops come in a variety of different styles and colors. Here are the pros and cons of choosing laminate countertops for your kitchen.

When you choose to add new countertops in your kitchen, you can transform it into the space that you envision. Make certain that you understand the different options that are available so that you can choose the countertops that will work best for you.

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